Frequently Asked Questions – Move Out:

1. Can I extend my lease a few extra days?
Unfortunately, we cannot change any move out days or times. Randall Park turns many apartment homes in a short period of time. Doing this requires us to stick to a strict schedule. We appreciate your understanding.

2. Do you have a place I can store my items between moving out and in to a new apartment?
Our storage areas are used for current tenant’s items.

3. When will I receive my security deposit back?
After the lease end date we have 21 days to process your deposit and mail it to you.

4. How will I receive my deposit?
The one check will be mailed to whomever you assigned on your lease addendum.

5. Should I be there for my check-out?
You do not need to be present for you check-out. We will mail a detailed list with your security deposit if any charges take place.

6. Where do I turn in my keys?
If you plan to vacate your apartment a little early, that is no problem at all. Please feel free to drop your keys off at our office anytime and we will complete your check out after (which could mean an early return with your Security Deposit forfeiture!) If you decide to return your keys during non-business hours, please place the keys in a sealed envelope in the secure drop box outside the front door of the Randall Park Rentals Office (located at 1308 Spring St). Be sure to include the apartment number you are moving from, and your new forwarding address, so we know where to send the Security Deposit.

If you do not turn in your keys prior to your check-out time you may leave the keys on the counter in the apartment and we will retrieve them when we arrive. Remember to also leave a note with your forwarding address.

7. What happens if I’m not ready at my check-out time?
FAILURE TO VACATE THE PREMISES AT END OF LEASE TERM: Lease maturity date and time is of the essence. A penalty will be assessed if any occupant or occupant’s possessions are not completely removed from the premises by the Lease maturity date and time. An additional use and occupancy charge will be assessed for any Tenant that remains in occupancy past the Lease maturity date and time.

8. How do I get rid of large items?
Madison does a large item pick-up. All you need to do is place your items on the curb during move out week. Please be aware if you place large items by the dumpster/street on incorrect days you will be charge a fee to remove the item.  Dumpsters will be provided for all regular trash.

If you have further questions please feel free to email us at:

our Offices

(608) 251-2715

(608) 467-2001

(608) 837-8369