When is move in?

If you are moving into Humbucker your Move in Time is 12PM-2PM on 8/15/2023.

If you are moving into Park Terrace West your Move in Time is 2PM-4PM on 8/15/2023

If you are moving into 111 N Randall Ave, 1115 Spring St, 45 N Orchard, 1309 Spring St, or 1315 Spring St, 1325 Randall Ct, University Ave, or Kendall Ave your Move in Time is 12PM-2PM on 8/16/2023.

If you are moving into 112 N Orchard St, 102 North Orchard St, 1308 Spring St, 1314 Spring St, 103-107 N Randall Ave 1317 Spring St, or 1320 Spring St, your move in Time is 2PM-4PM on 8/16/2023.

*****We highly suggest every tenant moves in after the 15th and 16th to avoid the crowd! We will be in the Office for key pick-up Monday-Friday 9am-4:30PM by appointment only. Please email us at randallpark@cmanagement.net to set up a key pick up appointment for anytime after the 15th or 16th.

**We will only ALLOW 1 RESIDENT PER UNIT to wait in line and pick up move-in packet. **

Frequently Asked Questions – Move In:

1. When is the first rent payment due?
Rent will be due in full by the time you pick up your keys. Keys will not be given out if there is an outstanding balance on the UNITS ACCOUNT. You are able to bring in a check or money order to the office or pay online. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH PAYMENTS. If you have not yet set up your tenant portal please contact the office to be sent the link. Please note that rent and the security deposit are different. Even if you have paid your deposit, you would still need to pay your first months rent. You are able to see your payments and if any amount is still owed on your tenant portal.

2. To whom should I make my check or money order payable to?

  • Humbucker Rent: Capitol Springs LLC
  • Park Terrace West & 1317 Spring St: Park Terrace West LLC
  • ALL other properties: Randall Park Rentals LLC


3. Can I move in early? 
Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate any early move-ins or late checkouts under any circumstances. We also do not have storage space for incoming tenants to use prior to getting keys to their new apartment.

4. Can my roommate get my keys? 
Yes! We release all of the keys to the first tenant who arrives for key pick up.

5. Can I move in later?
You are always welcome to move in later! In fact, you may be able to avoid a lot of the move in traffic if you move in later. If you plan on moving in later than your scheduled move-in day, please make sure you plan ahead and are able to pick up keys during office hours. We will not be in the office during the weekends or past 5 pm on the weekdays.

 6. Can I have items shipped/mailed to my unit prior to move in? 
No, please wait until you move in to have anything sent to your unit. There will be a lot of people in and out of the building. If your items are in the common area space we have no way of making sure they will get to you.

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